From Our Happy Customers

"My mother sent me a box for Christmas. I'm away at college and was missing the holiday cheer back at home. When my box arrived with all the goodies, I flipped! It was perfect; I just love chocolate! My friends and I ate the goodies in one sitting. The chocolate fudge was easy and delicious and all I had to do was microwave it. The gift box was just what I needed right now. I love my Holiday in a Box; my mom is great." -Kate, Seattle, WA

"Each year our office does a Secret Santa gift exchange and this year I got one of your gifts. I just finished making the “snow”! It’s fantastic! I’ve seen artificial snow before but it seemed so fake, all wet and slimy. I don’t know where you found this snow but it feels like the real deal, it’s even cool to the touch. It was so much fun to decorate my little tree for my desk and the “coal” is going in my husband’s stocking." – Lee, Ames, Iowa

"My kids enjoyed drawing on the cookies. Awesome product." – Mike, Boston, MA

"I work as a private care nurse for several elderly people in Charleston. Most of my client’s are unable to have Christmas trees but still like to have a little decoration, so this year I am giving all of them the North Pole Surprise boxes. I can hardly wait until they arrive." – Nancy, Charleston, NC